It is the program of technological and creative extra-curricular activities that YoureSuchaBaby realises in scholastic centers. We realise basic projects technological through a collaborative and cooperative learning.
YoureSuchaBaby realises the very customized projects according to the restlessness and needs of each center. Activities designed for infantile, primary, secondary and baccalaureate. At present we worked in state schools, private and arranged.

  • TechnoLab €“ Robotic and codification (P4 and P5)
    Creative technology and movement intuitive
  • Robotics and programming €“ (Primary and THAT)
    Science and creativity are united to design a prototype and to give mobility to the same through the programming
    €œIt imagines, it creates and it programs€
  • TechnoPreneur projects
    it realises your own technological basic project
  • It creates your short and approaches you the world of youtubers €“ (Primary and THAT)
    Audio-visual, scripts, production, image, direction, sound and edition€¦
  • Design of video-games €“ (Primary and THAT)
    We stop being usuary to be creative and to program our own scenes
  • Preparation for Leagues of Robotics €“ (Primary and THAT)

Educative centers that trust us: