YoureSuchaBaby is born in the 2014 as company from extra-curricular with an innovating method of technological learning. Our progression has been satisfactory with respect to the initial expositions. The image has been developed name brand that already is identified with a good positioning.

Always supporting to the franchise-holder not only with the necessary formation but with our way to be and to transmit the knowledge. YoureSuchaBaby is an initiative based on the technology but also with some values of undertaking on everything what does.

The success of the tax exemptions of YoureSuchaBaby is the method and how to approach the technology of a creative form niñ@s and young people. Nothing of this would be possible without the franchise-holders since they are the success of a work in equipment so that the method is accessible to more students.

At the moment YoureSuchaBaby counts on two centers, Sant Cugat of Valles and Bilbao.

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YoureSuchaBaby is an opportunity of business for enterprising people who want to enjoy day to day than she means to join the technology and the creativity. We make your available all the knowledge and method necessary to be able to manage your business as well as possible at the same time as enjoying than it really means to be an entrepreneur within the educative sector.

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