METHOD YoureSuchaBaby

Critical thinking and Digitalis

Our mission is to approach the values of undertaking the children and young people, basing us on the STEAM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), focusing us in the creativity and using the new technologies in all the projects.

The YoureSuchaBaby method is born driven by the restlessness from a group of entrepreneurs and convinced educators that to niñ@s we do not have to only teach to them to be usuary of the technology, but in its hands is the power to become creators of the same.

We educate and we formed through the accomplishment of projects, always with technological base. By means of the development of our activities we taught to our students how the technology can and must be used to improve its own learning.

In YoureSuchaBaby we designed all our projects, contents and activities from the conviction of which niñ@s of today is fast and knows of innate and intuitive form to adapt to the new technologies in early ages and, therefore, differently develop to his mental capacities to the expositions of methods and more traditional systems. In addition, our YoureSuchaBaby method includes elements of gamificación in all the sessions so that the learning is pleasant and dynamic.

The YoureSuchaBaby method foments the development of the competitions that will be more necessary for our [email protected], as much in their scholastic stage as in their professional future, as well as the scientific vocations without depending on the sort.


The most important assets for YoureSuchaBaby are the human and professional quality of all our collaborators. Thanks to its formation, capacity and commitment, our method reaches of excellent form its better results with the satisfaction to contribute to the education of our [email protected] a special and motivating complement.

In YoureSuchaBaby we persecuted the objective of which niñ@s learns and enjoys the values to the maximum that technologically offer to be creative.


In order to develop our activities we had creative professionals, it jeopardize and full of motivation. All of them properly are formed in our YoureSuchaBaby method to transfer to [email protected], of a dynamic and attractive form, the concepts that work, as much of technology as of undertaking.

Our equipment is clearly multidisciplinary, thanks to which the best results in the elaboration as in the development of the different contents and activities are obtained as much. Between our collaborators we counted on:

  • Entrepreneurs: professionals who for years they have been enterprising in the life and at work.
  • Professors (teaching): with vocation and desire to work with an innovating method to de futuro transmit to its students abilities and values.
  • Signallers: professionals who are at the moment giving classes in private and innovating universities.
  • Students of engineering and industrial design: young people who are attending the last years of race of these scopes and contribute the most technical part.
  • Directors of leisure: professionals with experience in the sector, who want to innovate with technological activities.
  • Revitalising cultural: with capacity to promote the creation of activities adapted to each center.
  • Educators and psychologists: in order to develop the contents of the sessions, adapted to the YoureSuchaBaby method and taking care of the diversities of the requirements of learning of each group/age
  • Students of the last courses of University of different degrees.

Really, we are a team of professionals motivated, united by the YoureSuchaBaby method and with great capacity to adapt us to the changes, as well as to take the innovation to all the levels.